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Unsubscribe from Bluecoat

Maybe you don't really want to unsubscribe. There are several options. All requests should be directed to James Messina jmessina_at_bluecoat.org (replace _at_ with @) (our system is not automated so you can also provide some friendly comments to a real human!). In your unsubscription request specify either:
  • UNSUBSCRIBE to stop your Bluecoat subscription altogether. We'll remove your biography from the database. You won't get any news from us, ever.
  • WEB TRANSFER or TEMPORARY UNSUBSCRIBE. We'll remove you from the mailing list but will keep you informed by e-mail if the password changes on the protected web pages. This is a good choice if you want to avoid a full mailbox. To resubscribe just ask James Messina jmessina_at_bluecoat.org (replace _at_ with @).

    Unsubscribe from 737 Mechanica

    Send mail to jmessina_at_bluecoat.org (replace _at_ with @) with the words "UNSUBSCRIBE 737". Processing is done manually so you may add comments in your message.
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